Nørse Man Project

Vikings do like it raw!

The Nørse Man Project finally set foot ashore.
A treasure of raw Pajottenland's Viking beer is now available.
Embark with us here. We pull out all the stops!

An amazing story

To the North!

About a year ago, Erwin Vanmol and Jan Panneels of Vrijstaat Vanmol traveled to Norway to learn about the sectrets of Scandinavian farmhouse brewing, more specifically the secrets of the so-called Viking beers and the magical kveik yeast.

Follow their adventures in the Norwegian fjords in this report made by Ring TV. Click here to see the pictures!

Back home, we immediately started to apply the knowledge we gathered to brew a beer in line with the Pajottenland tradition. Dozens of experiments followed.

And then came the coronavirus...

The pubs closed their doors and our sales almost came to a standstill. However, we did not give up. We focused our attention to the Nørse Man project. We tried to understand the secret of the kveik, the Scandinavian primal yeast. With success eventually.

In need one gets to know one's friends...

Craft brewery Alvinne, located in Moen, West Flanders, gained world fame with its daring, wood-aged beer. Erwin and Jan had previously met Glenn, Alvinne's brewmaster, when they stood shoulder to shoulder at a craft beer festival. When the Vrijstaat brewers told Glenn about the Nørse Man idea in the spring, he immediately agreed to co-operate and to take the project to the next level.

Finally! After a year of experimenting, toiling and, above all, many tastings, we are now proud to present our Nørse Man to you. The result of this collab between Alvinne and Vrijstaat Vanmol is one that both parties are extremely proud of: a beautiful confluence of the typical characteristics of different brewing styles.

A new era is dawning

Thanks to the Nørse Man project we have learned many new, fantastic things. We feel that this is just the beginning of an even bigger project. However, further research and development is still needed. Therefore, following the launch of the Nørse Man, we have set up a crowdfunding to fund those R&D efforts and brew another Nørse Man. We have a lot of ideas that we want to further develop. Our next destination is already on the horizon: the legendary 'blood eagle'.

We need heroes!

That hero is you! You can help us realise our plans by buying one of the Nørse Man packages. The bottles can only be purchased via our website. Become a part of our project and be the first to taste our Nørse Man.

Oh, and perhaps the most important fact of all: the Nørse Man is SUPER DELICIOUS!!!

The perfect symbiosis

between the ancient brewing cultures of the Vikings and the Pajottenland

Nørse Man is a raw Viking beer brewed following the Pajottenland tradition,
dry hopped and aged on wood, with a fruity aroma,
a pleasant acidity and a delicious aftertaste.

Only available in bottles of 75cl
(limited edition of 1,800 bottles)

Also on tap in a number of renowned pubs and restaurants.

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